spring is coming..

Quando a beleza e tao descarada nao posso ficar quieta...
as maos tremem buscando a camara e fico inquieta pra nao perder ao sol..


gina said...

Kainourgies fotografies epitelous! Se efage i eksetastiki xriso mou!
Mirise to spiti mou, me ta louloudia sou!
Les na valoume kamia ap' autes tis anoiksis gia to programma - afisa tis parastasis? Tha doume...

Bellajubellaisabella said...

Your lovely gifts arrived, just in time for spring over there! Here fall has taken its place but you made our days blossom!
U can't imagine how much we loved everything!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanx a bunch!
We have prepared something for u guys, but it turned out to be a fiasco, snifs.
We're still trying to work things out, let's see what happens...

Thanks for your kind words at my blog once again. 25 has been magical so far, LOL.


kitrino30fyllo said...

υπεροχες φωτογραφιες.ανοιξη?επιστρεψε και η μουσικη ακουσα.
(στο blog σου εννοω)
οσο μαθαινω εκπλησομαι ευχαριστα.συνεχισε την καλη σου δουλεια.καλο πασχα και καλη ανασταση σε ολους.